July 15, 2009

Juke Box Hero...

Last night was interesting. I had just settled in for my favorite part of the MLB All Star Game, the pregame ceremonies. I had snack, and some water, I was all set. Suddenly I didn't have power. After I expressed my feelings with a few choice expletives I decided to see how many other folks in my cul-de-sac had the same issue. I quickly found out it was everyone. I tried to sit outside on my porch, but between the bugs and my neighbors and her kids(we refer to them as the yellers, because that's all they do) I was forced back inside. Luckily Carey's laptop was charged so I passed the hour and a half of darkness by watching Borat. It ended up not being that bad.

We found out that Carey's grandmother has several blockages in arteries, so they are going to schedule her for more surgery to get them fixed. We will be up in Tom's River this weekend to spend some time with them. We don't know when the next procedure will be.

All else is well with me, I'm going to dip my toe in the employment pool again I think. I want to see whats out there, since my current job is occupying wayyy to much of my brain when it shouldn't be. We shall see how that goes. I don't expect there to be much out there, but it can't hurt to look.

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