July 21, 2009

Kickin some co-worker ass!!!

Tomorrow is the 1st annual bake off at my company. I originally was going to skip this event since it is sponsored by the Employee Activity Committee, which I'm still salty towards. After some thought, and a look a the prize list I've decided to enter. I'm going to go with the "no mercy" approach and make a cheesecake(for those of you that know me, you know it's my "go to" dessert). I may even go a little more over the top and dress it up with some Reese's peanut butter cups, or something along that line. These people aren't going to know what hit them. Past reactions to such a creation have been fun, most people not believing that I actually made it. What a fun way to end my week at work...winning the bake off. I can't wait. Besides, after the day I've had today, I need something else to focus on tonight.

Carey's grandmother has been transferred to the heart/lung hospital. The doctors are prepping her for the surgery. They need to let some of her blood thinners and stuff get out of her system, so it looks like she won't have the procedure until Thursday or Friday. I will do my best to keep this updated while I'm away the end of this week and the weekend. Until tomorrow.


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