July 2, 2009

The Mad Hatter!

What a way to start the summer season!

Last night I accomplished another of the items on my Ice Hockey "to do list". I scored a hat trick. For those of you that aren't up on the hockey lingo, that means I scored three goals in one game. It's kind of a big deal for me, considering I haven't scored more than one goal in any game I've ever played. I was also fortunate enough for Carey to be there to see it(and give me crap about it), which was awesome. The only downside I can see, is that last night's game was my first with a new team, so I managed to set the bar really high. Hopefully they will still want to keep me around after I get back to my normal "non scoring" games. Here's a snapshot of some of the items I have accomplished on my hockey "to do list"

1. Score on a breakaway.
2. Win a league championship.
3. Score or assist on a goal that involves Carey.
4. Be on the ice for an overtime(sudden victory) game winning goal.
5. Score a Hat Trick.

Some of the items that are left:

1. Take a major penalty.
2. Score a game winning goal.
3. Score on a penalty shot.

I'm sure there are more, I just can't think of them at the moment. Enjoy the Holiday weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM(tomorrow)


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