July 30, 2009

What a show...

I knew we were in for a good night when BJ was running around the stage screaming "Get the f*** up, stand up!" "This isn't some f***** TV special, this is rock and roll!!!" I had no idea the level of showman he could be. I honestly thought of him as the lead singer of a quasi punk band, not the showman, cheerleader, master of ceremonies, he proved to be last night. The crowd was firmly entrenched in the palm of his hand, responding to his every request with a deafening roar or wave of hands, or very simple "EEEEHHHHHH OOOOOHHH". I am very glad that I took ear plugs, as the volume was deafening, and there is liberal use of pyro during the show. The plugs did not diminish my enjoyment of the music at all. The set list covered the history of the band. The first hour was mostly new stuff, with a tune or two from American Idiot thrown in. The second hour was lost of classic Green Day(complete with the light up sign, just like Kiss). The encore was high energy, with American Idiot, Jesus Of Suburbia, and Minority. They finished with Good Riddance(time of your life). It was a solid two and a half hours of rock, and I(we) loved it. I would certainly go back for another show!

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