July 31, 2009

Speed Cameras

Montgomery County has installed speed cameras on Route 108 near Olney and on Muncaster Road. The one on 108 has been there maybe 6 months, the one on Muncaster is brand new. My complaint about the cameras isn't even that the county is drumming up revenue by installing them, most tickets are only $40, it's about the way people handle themselves when they see one. The speed limit on these roads is 30 MPH where the cameras are placed. I don't think I'm ever going to get a ticket because I NEVER pass one going faster then 20 MPH. Idiot drivers go from 40-45 mph to 20 MPH to pass the cameras, which is a huge hazard. It's like people don't understand that you can go 30 or even 35 MPH past these things. Unreal.

*sigh* I feel better now.

By the way, Carey's grandmother is still in the hospital, still recovering slowly. Nothing new to report.

Have a good weekend!


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