August 2, 2009


Carey and I went to the O's/Red Sox game at Fenway Park, oops I mean, Camden Yards last night. The entire evening was just one big bad experience, with the exception of seeing some friends that I used to work with. (Thanks for inviting us Matt, it was good to see you!)

Before you read further, I want you to know that I fully blame the Orioles organization, and the Baltimore fans for the situation that has been created. It started when we paid $30 for a seat that on Wednesday cost $18. The situation got worse when we arrived at our $10 a game garage and the cost had doubled. Even a bag of peanuts, normally $2, was $4. Unreal. Then we get inside the stadium as Dustin Pedrioa took Dave Hernandez deep. 1-0 Boston, and the ovation he got as he rounded OUR bases, in OUR ballpark was louder than one Ty Wiggington got from the home crowd after his second homer of the game a month or so ago(last game I went to).

Josh Beckett was a man among boys last night. He pitched seven shutout innings, and only gave up 4 hits. The Orioles didn't get two hits in a row until the 6th inning. I grew more and more frustrated as the game went on, not with the outcome, just with the whole situation. The paid attendance was over 49,000, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that 30 to 35,000 of them wore red. It was so sad. We noticed that all of the luxury boxes were full with one exception, the owners box. I guess if I had anything to do with the Orioles I wouldn't want to be there either. I was embarrassed in my home ballpark. The Orioles team ownership gutted our organization so completely, that even the most die hard of fans stopped coming out, or died(RIP Wild Bill). Now the only way the Orioles make money is when the droves of Red Sox or Yankees fans flood our stadium because we let them. The mentality has even taken its hold in the media. We were listening to the end of the game in the car on the way home(!) and Joe Angel referred to the sea of red as they rose to salute their team closing us out. I don't remember the exact quote but it was something along the lines of "Their shirts being red, but their money is still green." It makes me sad to be an Oriole fan today.

I can only hope that as our new young players come along, that they can help bring the Oriole fans back. I have followed this team much more closely this year and I honestly believe there is reason believe that we will be good....soon. After my experience last night, every baseball fan in this city better hope I'm right.

BTW...I bought my ticket to get Nolan Reimold's autograph yesterday, he's signing at Jay's Great moments in Timonium on August 12 from 7-8 pm. You can get more info at Great Moments web site. Get out an support your team!

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