August 11, 2009

Sad but excited...

Today will be the last day that I drive my 2001 Protege. Carey and I went to Carmax last night looking to see if it was worth anything in the CARS program. The Protege was not, because even at 170,000 miles it gets 25 mpg. We stumbled across several cars that fit our budget and have a lot fewer miles, and just like that the deal was done. I will miss my Mazda, it's been a great car, but after 170,000 miles I think it's time. I pick up the new ride tonight. 2005 Toyota Corolla XRS. I'm excited. Thanks to Mazda for making such a great car!


1 comment:

  1. Looks like I will also be shedding my Protoge. John has a "new" vehicle and I am going to start driving the Mazda 6. I will miss mine as well as I have been driving that car for 12 years! It never once left me stranded, it has been a reliable car!
    Happy Toyota-ing!