August 12, 2009

New car drama, and I loooooove drama

1. I was supposed to take delivery of my new ride last night. Things were going swimmingly, the deal was finished, the car was fine. We were crossing the T's and dotting the I's on the paperwork when my salesman announced that there has been a "bump." During the process of cleaning the car for delivery, the cleaner removed the lead box that stored the keys from the driver side front window. The window popped out of the track while he was doing this. He then proceeded to try and pop it back into the track, which damaged/bent the part inside the door that causes the window to open and close. Instead of driving my new Toyota home, I left in a PT Cruiser, with the promise that the part would be ordered and replaced today. It's not a huge deal, but it's hard not to be disappointed after getting so close to taking the car. One of my friends made a good point when he noted that "better it happen to him than me." Hopefully Carmax will get the car fixed today and this will all be behind me. We shall see.

2. Carey's grandmother is recovering still. She had a tracheostomy yesterday to help her with breathing and swallowing. Apparently the damage done to her lungs from years of smoking extended the healing process and required her to be partially sedated. Her lungs are healing nicely, and the doctors have removed the drain tubes and the chest tubes. Her next step will be to go from the heart hospital to a rehab center to work on breathing and swallowing. She is doing well though. Her personality is returning. She still has a way to go before she goes home, but progress is being made. BTW..she is in no life threatening danger. FYI to any readers who smoke...quit now.


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