November 12, 2009

Its Thursday...

The regulars know what that means. Its cheerleader of the week and NFL Cheerleader gallery time. Note the Tampa cheerleaders in the awesome orange and whites. Too funy. Thanks to

Tomorrow's Friday, I'm excited about that. My Grandfather's birthday is tomorrow and my Dad's birthday is on Saturday. I need to call him and see what's going on.....CRAB CAKES BABY!!!

Things are still weird here at work. There is so much confusion and so many rumors about who is staying here and who is going it's almost comical. You should hear the conference calls. "Program A is moving? We didn't know that. Well, we aren't sure yet, but can you help us plan in case they move?" Unreal.

I'm starting to get used to driving home in the dark again. I don't know why I never can remember this in the summertime. It's been happening every year, and every year I'm like "Did I drive home in the dark last year?" I guess I'm just a doofus. ;-)


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