November 18, 2009

The mysterious "A"

I didn't watch a lot of last night's Caps game, as it was "date night" and I was doing my husbandly(is that a word) duty. I did notice that Brendan Morrison was wearing the "A" for alternate captain. It seems odd to me that a new guy like Morrison would get the "A" before someone like Brooks Laich , Matt Bradley(who I know has worn it before), or Mike Green. It would seem that it would take a new player a period of time to earn that letter than it would an established veteran of the team. Don't get me wrong, Brendan is a good player and his performance has been good, but I would have expected one of the Caps who have been through the war with this team to get the honor of being the alternate captain. If I were Brooks Laich I might be a little upset by this. Lord knows he's earned it. My last thought on the game is about Matt Bradley. I can't think of a better "in your face" to the Rangers, after he took six stitches to close his face back up than to score at beautiful top shelf GWG.

OK break time is over..back to real life.


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