December 11, 2009

Another big night for number 31!

I played hockey with my team in College Park last night, the Sharks. The College Park league is a mixed league, which means there are high and low level players on each team. Last season I played 20 or so games with this group and I was unable to register a point. No goals, not assists, no nothing. It was a little bit frustrating for me. Last night, in my first game with this group for this winter I broke out big time with two goals. One was a "garbage" rebound goal from about a foot away. The second was a beautiful backhand shot over top of the goalie who had laid out to try and catch a shot off of a nice crossing pass. I haven't been that excited after scoring a goal in quite a while. It make me feel really good to finally contribute to the team. We lost 8-6, but we gave it all we had. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come for my game for the rest of the winter. I think my efforts during the Saturday morning clinics are paying off. I have a game tomorrow, and two more on Sunday, so hopefully I'll have some good results to post. Have a great weekend!


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