December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Blog...

Today, or somewhere around this day, last year was my first ever blog entry. I'm surprised by how much I have enjoyed blogging over the last year. I'm also surprised by how many people have read this blog. I'd like to thank all the "regulars" for their time and interest. I hope I've been informative, funny, and enjoyable. I've gotten well over 2000 page loads on this blog and that really surprises me. I'll keep doing this, as long as it is still fun.

I start a stretch tonight where I have five hockey games in four days, and I'm really looking forward to the challenge and the exercise. We will also be participating in the annual tradition of consuming adult beverages and making gingerbread houses on Saturday night, that's always a fun time. I hope to have some pics of our creations to share with you.

It's also cheerleader of the week and NFL Cheerleader Gallery day. Thanks again to

Enjoy the holidays, and thanks again for a fun first year.


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