December 18, 2009

Last day of the "Best of" and PANIC!!!

Best seats to a sporting event: Second row behind Marty Broduer to see the Caps and Devils
Best Personal Acheivement:  Scoring a Hat Trick in my first game with the Mutts.
Best Movie:  The Hangover

It's going to snow tonight, and all day tomorrow.  The weather guru's are calling for a storm of "historic" proportion. There is one computer model that is predicting a crippling 20+ inches of snow.  I'm so excited.  We haven't had a good foot plus of snow in 6 or 7 years, and I'm ready.  I have The Hangover and Eagle Eye on Blu-Ray, I'm getting a new pair of boots tonight, and lots of wood for the fireplace.  The only thing I don't have is a sled, or someplace to ride it.  I'll work on that.   It's been a lot of fun today at work trolling around the internet.  Carey got to experience the panic first hand as she had to go to the grocery store to pickup a prescription this morning.  I wish she would have sent me a pic, that would have been awesome. My Virginia friends and I used to make jokes about abandoning our cars in the travel lanes of the Capital Beltway. I bet that will happen tomorrow.     I'll post some pics as we go through the day tomorrow.  Enjoy!



  1. we're right across the lake from you (i believe) visiting friends this weekend. if we find a good sledding spot, i'll let you know.

  2. sounds good. Gimme a call or an email. we'll be home.