December 17, 2009

More "Best Of":

Best Hockey Experience: 2009 NCAA Frozen Four. We were there for one of the best comebacks in NCAA history. Honorable Mention: Mutineers Annual Hershey scrimmage.
Best Surprise: The new TV and Blu-Ray player my parents got for us.

I kept score for a hockey game at Rockville last night. The game was supposed to start at 9:40. The start was delayed for almost an hour because the ice had to be re-surfaced(Zamboni'd) several times. The coach for the Montgomery Youth Hockey "Bantam " team had his team skate so hard that they left huge "gashes" or "holes" in the ice. The condition of the surface was dangerous in some spots, and the person who resurfaced it the first time didn't even notice it. I don't know how. When the referees for the game took the ice, they immediately went to get the rink manager to have them re-zam. The funny part was that the rink manager was standing on the ice looking at the cracks with this perplexed look on his face, like he didn't know what to do. I could hear the ref telling him, that he had to re-zam it or he was calling the game due to unplayable ice. I wonder if the rink forfeits the money for that slot if the surface isn't playable. He ended up having the rink re-zamed and the cracks were filled in. Once the ice set up, the game went on. I would love to be able to skate so well that I could damage the ice. Hey, if a 14-15 year old kid can do it, why can't I?

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