January 13, 2010

Don't lose your wallet.

Here’s why I was such a lucky dog yesterday.   Monday night I score kept a hockey game at Wheaton.   I packed my stuff and headed out at 9:30. My hands were full so as I got to the car I put my wallet on the roof, as the pockets in my sweat pants stink.  I quickly jumped in the car and was on my way to the rink. I got there, worked the game and was on my way home before I realized that I didn’t have my wallet.  UH OH I pulled over and ransacked my car, no wallet.  I drove back to the rink and searched the parking lot(I thought I put it on the roof at the rink), no wallet.  I went back into the rink, searched the scorekeeper’s box, no wallet.  I called Carey, she checked at home, no wallet.  I started on my way home. I had resigned myself to the fact that it was gone and I was going to spend my Tuesday at the MVA and on the phone.  I felt really dumb, and confused, as I’ve never lost a wallet before.  The 30 minute drive home was the longest drive I can remember.   I turned to park my car in my spot and there it was, laying on the ground.  I was beyond happy.  I’m just glad I have a little bit of good luck on my side.   Needless to say, I will not put the wallet on the car ever again. 


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  1. clearly no one drives up and down your street. lol i'm glad your wallet was found. i hate that sick feeling!