January 13, 2010

Whats in a name??

Congratulations are in order for my friends Kevin and Kelly who recently gave birth to their first child. Cameron William was born last weekend, the family is home and doing well. In honor of their new addition I’ve decided to create a list of “Famous Cameron’s.” Hopefully Cameron will go on to join this list, so in a few years Kevin and Kelly(and certain friends who blogged about their baby) will be on easy street. Without further ado, famous Camerons:

Cam Neely: Of course I had to start with one of the most famous hockey players of all time. Little Cam just isn’t allowed to be drafted by or play for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Cam Janssen: If little Cameron can develop into this style player, he, and everyone in his entourage won’t have to worry about being pushed around. *EVER*

Harry Cameron: Another famous hockey player. You can learn about him here.

James Cameron: Wouldn’t it be great if he could get paid millions of dollars to release a movie every fifteen or so years?

Kirk Cameron: Teenage heartthrob. This will only happen if Carey and I have a girl. That’s my luck. I’d have to listen to years of “You knew Cameron when he was born? No way!”

Cameron Mathison: TV soap star. Check him out here.

Cameron Crowe: Another famous movie director. Sensing a theme yet?

And last but not least

Kenneth Cameron: Astronaut. You can read up on him here.

So, little Cameron already has a lot to live up to, but I’m sure his parents will be up to the task. Again congrats Kevin and Kelly!


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  1. congrats kelly & kevin on your new arrival. i like the name.