January 5, 2010

Here we go again...

The US Junior Mens Hockey Team gets their chance to extract revenge on Canada tonight.  I'm actually looking forward to watching this more than the Caps/Canadians game tonight.  Hopefully luck will be on my side and Canada will go O for two in the games I care about tonight. 

I'm back at work, like the rest of us after the holiday.  I actually feel pretty motivated at the moment.  The job is still frustrating, but I'm getting better at dealing with it.  I started reading my Mac OS X certification book I bought a few months ago on Sunday.   I got an infusion of energy for technology over the Christmas holiday, Carey's cousin is going to start college next year, and he is really into technology.  Chatting with him for a few hours on Saturday really re-energized my interest.  It's funny how life works like that.

I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow to see if he can help resolve the stomach issues I've been having for a few weeks.  I have a bad feeling it may be an ulcer, but we shall see. Hopefully that won't be the way I start 2010.    

Until tomorrow, LETS GO USA!!!


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