January 6, 2010

FINALLY!!!! Carlson gives the USA Gold!

I have an early entry in the "Best of 2010" for the end of the year.  Anyone who was lucky enough to catch the gold medal game of the IIHF World Junior Championship last night knows what I'm talking about.  I was able to enjoy most of the game with a friend of mine who is Canadian and it really helped enhance the experience for me.  It was also VERY exciting to see Caps draft pick John Carlson, who has played briefly with the Caps and currently plays in Hershey, score the game winning goal.  What a thrill!

The Caps also won last night, so I got my wish as Canada went 0-2 in my book.    I'm off to the doctor to get my stomach looked at this afternoon.  Hopefully I will have good news to report tomorrow.  Have a good day!

Way to go USA Hockey!


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