February 15, 2010

Best pull of the year...

I gave in this weekend and bought a box of 09-10 Fleer Ultra hockey cards.  The box was fairly cheap as far as cards go, and my buddies were opening boxes so I figured I'd join the party.   The packs were opening uneventfully until I got to the third from last.  The pack contained the rarest inserts in the set. The 09-10 EX Jambalaya parallel, Martin Brodeur.  EX Jambalaya cards are inserted roughly one per case(12 boxes, 24 packs per box).  The card lists for roughly $80, which is much higher than the price of the box.  I was very excited, it's fun to actually find something of value in a box of cards.

Keeping with the sports card theme, I'm participating in an on-line box break tomorrow night.  The folks running the break are called ATM Sports Cards.  They are breaking 6 boxes of Upper Deck SP Authentic football cards.  I will be getting any cards that are from the Dallas Cowboys, and another random team.  Online box breaks are a lot of fun, you watch the host break open the box via web-cam and they mail the cards to you.  The experience is more fun than I thought.  Hopefully I'll have more good news to report after the break tomorrow.
Talk to you then!


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