June 11, 2010

Quick Rant

I haven't ranted about work in quite a while, so here goes:

We had a fairly major outage this morning.  We've gone over the procedures for how to handle an outage over and over again with the out help desk guys, to the point where I made a checklist.   I'm on the way back to my desk from getting a cup of water this morining and I hear the help desk guy talking about something being down. "Yeah, we know that's down" were the words I heard.  He got off the phone and I asked if everything was ok, and he proceeded to tell me that "application A" was down.  He had passed the ticket off to someone else to get it resolved, but hadn't notified anyone.  Why is this so hard for help desk people to understand?  When an application is down, put out notification, change the helpdesk message, update the news,  follow up on it every 30 mins until its fixed, and you're done. It's not rocket science.  This happens every time we have an outage, it's happened with every help desk agent we've ever had. Unreal.  Maybe I'm just expecting too much from them.  I'm not their boss, so who cares.

Ahh....I feel better now.  

My last hockey blog for the season will be up at DownNDirtySports.com shortly.  Click on by and give it a read.

Have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend.  I'm going to see the Orioles get the snot kicked out of them by the Mets at Citi, oops Camden Yards.  I'll have updates on getting back into school next week.  Until then!


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