July 14, 2010

A letter to Ilya Kovalchuk

Dear Mr. Kovalchuk,

  I’m sorry to hear that your free agent experience has not been all that you hoped for.  I know that you expected the red carpet to be rolled out for you in city after city this summer as teams vied for your services in a Lebron James’esque frenzy.  Honestly, I expected that too. I must say that I am glad to hear that teams aren’t totally re-working their salary structure just for you.  I mean, you’re a good player and all, but you're no Ovechkin, Towes, Kane, Iginla, or Lidstrom, even though you want what most of their salaries are combined.  I’m sure some team will give in and make you an offer that you deem worthy. Personally I kinda hope that offer comes from Russia, because the NHL needs less players that will turn down $100 million offers. By the way, just for those of us that  haven’t seen it.  One hundred million looks like this:


Please remember Mr. Kovalchuk, that even $100,000,000 can’t buy this:

which for the record, I’m not sure you are really interested in winning. The only way to get that is hard work and dedication.  So good luck finding your new team, here’s hoping you contribute more than you did for the Devils.

Scott Antoszewski

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