July 15, 2010

Interesting weather pattern

The chance of thunderstorms from the last few days has past for the greater DC/Baltimore area. The storms we had this week were interesting to me for several reasons. Early on in the week the general motion of the storms was from southwest to northeast instead of the traditional west to east that is common here. Yesterdays storms were tracking almost due south from the north. The storms were associated with a low pressure area that passed almost directly over the area. The counter-clockwise rotation of the low pressure center is what was causing the storms to travel in directions different than what we are used to in the area. The only thing I haven't figured out yet is why we were getting storms at all hours of the day and night. Usually the sun needs to be out to heat up the atmosphere to trigger storms, that wasn't the case with this system. It's off the coast now and the 3 H's of summer are back, Hazy, Hot, and Humid right though the weekend. Enjoy!

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