July 8, 2010

Why is it so damn hot?

Aside from the obvious answer "It's summer dumbass." I wanted to see if I could get a better answer, and the internet was happy to oblige.  The reason for this week's heat wave* is a large area of high pressure off the coast that was not moving.  We got a few more clouds in the sky yesterday which is what kept us from a repeat of the 105 degree record breaker at BWI on Tuesday.   The area of high pressure is slowly moving away, which is why we are getting some relief today, but it won't get a lot better until the cold front to our west pushes through and kicks this nasty summer high to the curb.

I was reading yesterday on the Capital Weather Group blog that we were exactly six months out from the double barrel snowstorms that crippled the area back in February.  It's been a very interesting year for the weather in our area. It's amazing what a little tilt toward the sun can do 'eh. I can only imagine what's coming next.   Stay tuned!

* A heat wave is defined as three or more days in a row of 90+ degree temperatures.  Yeah, we qualify.


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