December 13, 2010

This week's forecast...

This is something that I'm going to try to do regularly to see how I do.  Feel free to comment: 

Rest of today:  Clouds giving way to sun. WINDY, COLD. High 32(earlier today) Low 19. Look out for wind chills in the teens.
12/14- Sunny, windy, COLD.  High, 38 Low 30.  Winds 30+ MPH
12/15- Sunny, cold, still windy.  High 40  Low 30  Winds 30+MPH and decreasing
12/16- Sunny, still cold, still windy. High 41 Low 29 Winds 20 MPH and decreasing
12/17- Sunny, cold  High 39 Low 29
12/18- Partly Cloudy, warmer High 45 Low 32

Five days is about as far as I'm willing to go at the moment. I'm curious to see how this works out.  Looks like a fairly consistent week as the storm that rained on us all weekend moves to the northeast slowly.  The winds will die down slowly as it moves away.  Clouds in the area Friday are from a possible storm to our south.  The model for 7-10 days out shows something worth watching for early next week, but it's far too early to give that much credence.   Enjoy!



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