December 16, 2010

Uh oh...

Well, I hope my winter classic forecast turns out better than my 5 day for this week:

12/14- Sunny, windy, COLD. High, 38 Low 30. Winds 30+ MPH (CORRECT, except for the snow flurries on Monday night)

12/15- Sunny, cold, still windy. High 40 Low 30 Winds 30+MPH and decreasing(Partially Correct, temperatures off by more than 10 degrees)

12/16- Sunny, still cold, still windy. High 41 Low 29 Winds 20 MPH and decreasing(WRONG...didn't see the clipper on the computer models)

Below are my revisions for the next two days:

12/17- Sunny, cold, windy High 32 Low 19

12/18- Partly Cloudy,  High 34 Low 18

On another note, my 1st semester at community college is finished, and I know why it snowed today.  It snowed because I'm currently carrying a 4.0 GPA.  Yup, A's in both classes.  Scary huh. 



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