August 16, 2011

Stood Up

I guess I should have known my run of luck on Craigslist would end eventually.  I was supposed to sell my 50 gallon fish tank to a Craigslister on Sunday and he stood me up.  I should call his mom.  It's back to the drawing board on that one.  Tonight I'll be cleaning out my fancy sports memorabilia curio cabinet, it's next on the chopping block.  One piece at a  time, my furniture is vanishing.  We're gonna have a yard sale in early September as well, so we'll see whats left by then. 

Tomorrow is another big day in the progression of the move.  My new team will find out tomorrow that I'm coming, officially.  It's been kinda strange, the whole world here in Rockville has known for 2 weeks, but very few people in Scottsdale know.  I have a feeling that will change tomorrow.  It should make for a fun afternoon. 

Until next time!


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