December 24, 2008

Random thoughts

Let me apologize in advance for the random nature of today's entry.

1. My Caps came back from 4-0 down to beat the Rangers in overtime last night, what a game to watch! I'm so stoked.
2. Working on Christmas eve is kind of a joke. This place is a ghost town, but people need drug, so we are here, serving the public. This morning I brought the packing slip to work from the jersey I bought on ebay. It shipped from China and I wanted to see what all those symbols meant. Having a bunch of Chinese developers has its upside I guess. (My jersey came from Shanghai, cause I know you want to know.)
3.The wife and I are headed to Baltimore this afternoon to see my folks. I'm not looking forward to sitting in the traffic. I am looking forward to hanging out with family and friends though. I have a quasi-buddy who's birthday is today. We will meet up at a local bar and toast his day. It must suck to have a birthday today though. I can only imagine.
4. The wife and I will be spending the weekend with her family in New Jersey. It should be fun. I'm looking forward to a trip to NYC on Friday and a kick ass dinner on Saturday night. We might even get some ice skating in. Imagine that, skating for FUN, without pads and angry people with sticks chasing me.
Hopefully I'll have some pics to post throughout the weekend. Merry Christmas!

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