January 3, 2009

Blogging from home, a new experience.

Happy first Saturday of 2009. Today is "taking down the holiday decorations day." It is always depressing for me, makes me feel like winter has finally won. During the holidays it may be cold and he weather may be crappy, but at least we have the holidays to look forward to. After today it becomes cold and dark, and spring seems so far away. I do have 2 things that still make me happy during the winter. The 1st is ice hockey. Its like my little way of being able to be out in the cold and still enjoy life. The second is the first real snow of the season(which we haven't seen yet). Once the newness of the 1st snow is gone, I'm done with snow. I'm cold just typing this stuff.

I'm also working on my car some today. Replacing spark plugs, plug wires, and coils. The check engine light has been on for a week or two, and I'm that guy who is driving with the light on. If this doesn't fix it, the car will be off to the shop for its first official engine repair. Considering it has 157,000 on it, I'm not complaining.

Tomorrow is hockey day. I have a game at 8:30am in Virginia, the wife plays at 12:30 in Laurel, then I'm back on the ice at 4:15 at college park. I'm gonna be wishing I had kept up with boot camp.(More on that topic later).

Alright its off to parts store for me. More later.


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  1. Check engine light huh? Mine has been on in the Protege for over 4 months - it's still running!