October 9, 2009

Catching up on the week...

The last 2 days have been a blur, in a good way of course. Yesterday was the highlight of the trip. Carey and I signed up for a guided kayaking tour of the Colorado River that started at Hoover Dam and went south for twelve miles. There were 3 people scheduled to go, and the third cancelled, so Carey and I ended up getting a private tour. Our luck had finally changed! I've never been nervous about kayaking before, but paddling on Centennial Lake is a little bit different than the Colorado. I got really nervous when I put my foot in the 52 degree water. COLD!!! I really started to wonder what I had gotten myself into. You can see from the pic below I has a tough time getting settled in the boat.

I was squirly enough that the guide actually told me after we got back that she thought I was going to "go swimming" early on. I was comfortable with the boat by the end though. The trip was awesome. The views were unreal. I was out of my comfort zone for most of the day, but I'm so glad I went. I really feel like I accomplished something.

Wednesday we took the bus up to the North end of the strip. We stopped any played $1 a hand blackjack at the Sahara, and actually made money. We had dinner at Nascar Cafe, home of the 3B(Big Badass Burrito) which was featured on Man vs Food. We finished the evening at the Freemont Street Experience. The bus ride home was long and slow, but we took our frustration out on ice cream when we got back.

Today we come home. Its been a great time. I'll put more up after we get back. Its time for breakfast!


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