December 3, 2009

Something to be thankful for...

I read an article on the New York Times website yesterday about "underemployment." It was kind of interesting and sad at the same time. People are losing their full time jobs and because they can't find full time employment they are taking two or three part time jobs, and still only making a third of their previous income. People who know me know that I have been doing some soul searching about my current employment/career situation, trying to figure out what it is that I really want to do. I didn't realize how grateful I should be for my job. I've been so focused on how much I dislike it, that I took for granted how stable my current situation is, and how many people would kill to be in my position. I left work yesterday feeling really good. I got to work this morning and there were four emails waiting for me(that had my boss CC'ed) asking for answers to questions that I had asked of them a month ago. Suddenly all that "happy to have a job" mojo I had going yesterday was gone, but to my credit I was able to pull it back together and not have a meltdown. Overall I'm feeling a bit better about things now, so hopefully things will stay stable here for a while and then I'll contemplate a career change. Happy Thursday!


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