May 4, 2010

Lucky Dog

I got a speeding ticket a few months back.  You may remember the article where I ranted about it.  Today was my day in court, my first trip to traffic court in over 10 years.  I'm happy to report that the officer didn't show and my ticket was thrown out.  No points, no fine, no court costs, no nothing.  I chose to use the horse shoe to lead the article becuase this is the second time in a row that I have gotten away with no fine or points.  The officer missed my last appearance in court 10 years ago.  Needless to say I am extactic, as well as a little more cautious behind the wheel.

Carey and I took a three day weekend to the Outer Banks last weekend.  We stayed at a little bed and breakfast in Kitty Hawk called the Cypress Moon Inn.  The Cypress Moon is totally worth checking out if you are going to be down that way.  The room was awesome, it smelled of cedar.  The view of the sound from our deck was unreal.  The inn is on the sound side so you get beautiful sunsets.  The "off season" rate that we got was $155 per night, and it's totally worth it. Breakfast is served daily at 8:30am, the owner puts together some sort of egg dish, with fruit, a muffin, and orange juice.  We loved it, and will certainly be going back.  Check out their web site as well.  The pictures aren't doctored at all, it really looks like that. 

All else is well, just working to get through the week.  Until next time!


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